Lord rama sita horoscope

Both were born in great family lineage with Ram being born in Raghu and Harischandra's lineage while Ravan belonged to Pulastya's lineage. Both had extra-ordinarily good looking and virtuous wife with Ram being married to Sita while Ravan being married to Mandodari. Both were devotees of Lord Shiva. There are a couple of horoscopes floating for Ravan on internet.

Horscope study of Lord Rama

This horoscope of Ravan is based on information provided in a popular newspaper daily. There are a multiple horoscopes for Ram as well. But according to Ramayan the above provided horoscope is of Lord Rama and there is validity to it based on way his life shaped up. Based on information available in Ramayan and from other sources in the public domain an astrological analysis has been done to shed light on choices of both Ram and Ravan. That does Visha Yoga of the highest kind. Ravan was a spiteful man, full of hatred, had arrogance of highest order but he was brilliant nonetheless.

He achieved everything through his own efforts which is a typical trait of Visha Yoga natives. The means may have been illegal in his case but no one can deny he was a self-made man.

Kumbh Vivah and Prarabdha

The aspect of Sun on first house made him arrogant and power hungry. He was caring, kind and considerate towards everyone. He also set the standards for highest decorum that a man can follow. Due to aspect of Saturn on ascendant he maintained exemplary calm even in face of great adversities. But at the same time he was ruthless to mischief makers due to Mars aspect on ascendant. He vanquished all the demons in dandakaranya forests during the first ten years of his exile.

For Ravan: Ravan had exalted Saturn which is lord of fourth House in the first house. That made him possess an above average intelligence and also possess extra-ordinary knowledge of literature's. Not to mention Jupiter's aspect from tenth house on fourth house of basic education aided his quest for good education. Saturn also happens to be lord of fifth house which is the house of knowledge.

Are Men Learning Wrong Lesson from Rama’s Treatment of Sita?

In his youth, Ravana composed various books on astrology, vastu shastra and is credited with rhyming of vedas. Even Ram acknowledged of Ravan's knowledge. Ninth house deals with spirituality. There are no aspects or placements on ninth house but its lord which is Mercury is placed in sixth house of service.

Ravan's devotion and servitude towards Shiva is well-known and to this date his composition Shiva Tandav Stotra is sung by commoners. For Ram: Ram had Saturn in exaltion in the fourth house. Basic education of Rama was on technical side and there is no evidence to suggest that he was well-versed as Ravan in vedas or literature.

But having said that Ram possessed knowledge of advanced weaponry and was capable of dealing with enemies who possessed illusionary powers.

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Fifth house had aspect of Jupiter which made Ram possess sound wisdom. Ninth house had exalted Venus and debilitated Mercury with aspect of Jupiter.

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Ninth house rules over spirituality and forefathers. I touch your feet with my brow and folded-hands and kiss your feet again and again, millions of times with devotion. You can get my full particulars from my web-site : www. You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: pandit jyothishi. Best Wishes Horoscope analysis of Bhagvan Sri Ramachandra This is a special article published on the occasion of Sri Rama Navmi festival, celebrated to mark the birth of Bhgavnan Sri Rama.

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I have been practising Vedic astrology for the past 48 years. I was honored with Jyothisha Vidya Praveena in I wrote 41 original books and hundreds of articles in English on various Astrology topics. I analysed over ten thousand horoscopes and published articles in my blog by Aug My blog and articles were listed in the topmost first rank position among 10,30, entries under the caption Vedic astrology-blog articles in Google web-search site on Aug Sunday.

Please see my web-site jyothishi. A grand procession leaves from one temple to another and ends with the wedding ceremony in the evening. The idols of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita are adorned with beautiful clothes and jewelry to make them look like bridegroom and bride. All through the day, devotional songs in praise of Lord Ram and Devi Sita are sung by devotees. Several stage shows, dramas, and cultural programs are also organized on this occasion. Ramleela, a stage performance that depicts the life of Lord Ram and Devi Sita is also observed.

In Janakpurdham, Nepal, thousands of pilgrims arrive many from India and other parts of Nepal.

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Special rituals and pujas are held in temples where the celebrations are observed with great fanfare. The celebrations continue for seven days, and devotees observe all the rituals with immense zeal and dedication. Thousands of devotees visit the temples to seek the divine blessings of a happy family and married life.

Celebrate Sita Navami With Full Fervour, Gain Marital Happiness On This Pious Day

This festival is one the best occasion to visit Janakpur to observe the culture and traditional values of the place. Vivah Panchami is also considered to be highly auspicious, significant and sacred also for marriage on this day. Therefore, many couples choose to marry on this day. It is said that even witnessing such rituals can fill the married life of the individuals with happiness and harmony.