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If your birthday falls between March 17thrd, that means you!

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

But since you're ALSO part Aries, your feet are firmly planted on the ground and always keep you moving forward. You're a force with big dreams and a concrete plan on how to accomplish them. Your Aries side makes you direct and confident and your Pisces side makes you a compassionate listener. Put those two aspects together and you're sure to make an inspiring and understanding leader!

You never lost the magical Piscean imagination you had as a kid. In fact, now it gives you a sought after advantage in life! I'll also bet you're somehow involved in the arts or some sort of creative endeavor. You need to learn that not everyone moves as fast as you, and that it's okay to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile. You HATE adulting and just want someone to pick up after you and tell you how great you are.

Like, all the time. But unfortunately, that's not how it works. Just stomp your foot and move on.

You're amazing at reading people. While you give off a comfortable and confident vibe, your mind is usually in overdrive with anxieties and a never-ending to-do list. This mentality leads to you to constantly second-guess yourself, and sometimes even convinces you to quit pursuing your passion entirely. As much as you love coming out on top, you love helping others succeed as well. Nothing makes you happier than using your connections or smarts to help further someone else's career, academics, or just about anything else.

Basically, if they win, you win. You're a loyal friend and lover with a deep devotion to those you've dedicated yourself to. In many cases, the Aquarius Pisces cusp does not feel a need to put on a show that he or she is stronger than he or she truly is. This sense of honesty and emotional availability not only makes them great friend material , but it also enables them to be perceived favorably by people looking for new romance in their lives.

When you take the idealism of the Aquarius and you cross it with the emotional depth of the Pisces, you get a person that tends to have strong emotional authenticity. You have to understand that we live in a world that is often plastic. Keep this in mind in Aquarius. There are a lot of synthetic relationships.

Aquarius Pisces Cusp Man

People say things that they do not really mean. People talk and talk and talk, but none of it really matters. There is just so much fake emotional fluff out there that when somebody arrives at the scene that looks real, and talks real and wear his or her heart on his or her sleeve, people pay attention. People might not like the person, people might not fall in love with the person, but you can bet that people will respect that person. You have to understand that people are so scared about being real, that they would go to some effort and trouble to fake it.

This is really a tragedy, because people would respect you more if you kept it real. People would respect you more if you actually meant what you say and say what you mean. The main reason why the Aquarius Pisces cusp has such a strong potential for interpersonal success, is because this person has ideals regarding emotional authenticity. This person tries to live up to these ideals. People respect those ideals because, for the most part, people feel that they are trapped regarding this phantom mime or act they have to put on so they can move ahead in the world.

When somebody breaks into the scene that is the real deal, they tend to gravitate towards that person. This should not be surprising. However, the downside for the Aquarius Pisces cusp, in this particular situation, is that, their ideals might become a prison. This happens when they expect other people to subscribe to their ideals. What is wrong with this picture? You are entitled to your ideals. You are entitled to a certain picture of the world.

However, you are not entitled to expect everybody else to subscribe to that picture. You have to understand, there are billions of people in the world and there are billions of different ways of seeing yourself in the world. That is how it works. The moment you try to basically expect other people to see the power of your ideals and automatically accept it as their own, you can essentially become the prisoner of the appeal of your ideals.

The Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp: Inspiring Story Tellers

When this happens, you start behaving like a typical Virgo. You basically start comparing how things really are with the way things should be in your head. As you probably can already tell, this would lead to a very bad ending. The reality is that, the world revolves in its own axis and it has its own rules and it will do its own thing, we are just in it for the ride. We can try to buck it or we can try to work with what we are dealt. That is the bottom line. If you insist on your own ideals, chances are you will be playing a losing game.

When it comes to romantic relationships, it must be remembered that Uranus and Neptune being the ruling planets of the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are related to spirituality, peace, art, love, and relationships. This makes their relationships even more exciting. The Aquarius-Pisces cusps always desire that their companion should provide them with wholehearted love and help.

The ideal partner will inspire them with their misty character and inclination to divinity. They should also allow them liberty on love and faith.

Traits & Characteristics for Those on the Pisces/Aries Horoscope Cusp

It is important that their companion not force them to limit their innovative liberty, which is the lifeline of these persons. By taking the above characteristics of the Aquarius-Pisces cusp into consideration, we will talk about the best suitable matches for this cuspian. The most important point would always be the spiritual and psychic inclination of the person! The signs given below are the best romantic matches for the Aquarius Pisces cusp. Scorpios always deal intelligently and tactfully with the water characteristics of the Aquarius Pisces cusp.

Among all cusp combinations, the Aquarius Pisces cusps are recognized as the psychics while the Scorpios too are famous for their power of intuition. As a result, this capability of the Scorpio complements the psychic abilities of the Aquarius Pisces cuspian and adds to their intuitive capabilities even more. They are both are very sensitive, loving, loyal, and emotional beings.

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The fearful nature of the Aquarius Pisces cusp in difficult times is neutralized by the supportive and confident attitude of their Scorpio partner. Therefore, as far as the nature and characteristics of these individuals are concerned, it is evident that they complement each other well. However, the commonalities in their character, the water element, and above all, the powerful bond of love in their relationship will ensure a better life!

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Capricorns are known for their dedication, concentration, focus, and hard work. Although they present themselves as tough and indifferent individuals, they are very sensitive from the inside. This characteristic of Capricorn attracts our Aquarius Pisces cusp.

They both appreciate the need for commitment and respect and honor the relationship. Their high moral values bring these two closer. The earth element of Capricorn makes the cuspian stable and, on the other hand, the Aquarius Pisces cusp partner adds creativity, colors, and romance in turn. While it might seem that the Capricorn and the Aquarius Pisces cusp are totally different from each other, they actually complement each other in the best possible way.

Their relationship teaches them the importance of living in reality and the present moment as the cuspian is not aware of the practicalities of life in stark contrast to the Capricorn who is very practical in life.

However, the Aquarius Pisces cusp must never stop moving on the path leading to his dreams and spiritual fulfillment; the Capricorn partner will provide all necessary safety and security to them.