Aries love horoscope 15 december 2019

You don't have a good excuse to be unhappy, in fact, share your goodwill with all around you. Beware of falling into a lazy space and lifestyle after having achieved professional and personal success, as there are skies upon skies still waiting to be explored. Lucky number 9. Colour red. Your subtlety and wisdom carry you smoothly through difficult situations today.

You can be clear and sharp when things are confused around you. You are loving in personal relationships and considerate in family situations. Intellectual activity is rewarding. Lucky number Colour blues. You recover from any depletion of energy as there are healing and rejuvenating forces around you. You are patient and loving with family. Personal relationships are settled and fulfilling.

You feel ready to attempt difficult tasks or encounter tough people. Lucky number 6. Colour browns. Combined energies and cooperation enable you to complete projects and professional ventures. You are a tremendous force to reckon with in your field of activity. Your strength lies in emotional commitment or marriage. Change brings stability in all areas of life. Colour reds. You are left with mixed feelings of success and failure as some business projects are successful and others are blocked. Personal relationships and equations have a special note of tenderness and intimacy.

Health problems need to be attended to and resolved. Lucky number 7. Colour white.

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Focus on priorities and relationships or you could confuse yourself and others. You are likely to invest in a luxury that brings a temporary thrill in your life. A Scorpio person proves to be a friend indeed. Communications and visitors arrive unexpectedly.

Colour saffron. You can transform a breakdown into a breakthrough with your inner strength and hard work today. Watch old patterns of behavior, habits and negative relationships as major changes can be made right now. Meditation enables you to go through chaos with awareness. How often have you planted a smile on your face when inside you felt like crying?

Slowly raises hand The Moon in Pisces is a signal for healing as it connects with the planet Chiron, today. It's a call to let the sunlight of a Sagittarius Sun shine in. You can feel good inside and out if you want to.

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Sometimes if you wait for the healing to complete you miss out on those opportunities to love, have fun, and smile as if you never had a care in the world. Our last week of Sag energy is a reminder to travel beyond the person we used to be even if the remnant is there. So, many times a person can allow their emotions to freeze them from experiencing life at its fullest. I know of two people, two good looking, wonderfully sweet guys who have not dated after their breakup with a girl. Still waiting for their heart to heal, one has waited 10 years, and the other 5.

Just the other day I was out with a Sagittarius who informed me that he hadn't dated seriously for nearly 3 years because of heart break. Casually, yes. Letting his heart get caught up with feelings Never again. Not only guy friends of mine, but girl friends too. Many haven't had a serious relationship for years and a lot of it had to do with waiting to heal. How sad for us all.

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I'm guilty of this form of stinking thinking too. I did the same thing once for five years and another time for a few months up until a Pisces woman told me after a big breakup with a guy I was engaged to. She asked me when did I think I'd try to be in a relationship again. Talk about a mind blowing lesson. This woman was wise so I trusted her advice. Changed my life. It actually helped me to be sad over my breakup faster because I had permission to move on. With the Moon in Pisces harmonizing with the Wounded Healer in the same sign, I personally feel that the entire planet is being asked to walk away from holding back when it comes to love.

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You deserve it. If you have to give it, why hold it back? Yes, the truth is, love hurts sometimes, but there are times when it's oh, so worth it. Aries, thoughts can be a complicated mess, especially if you are conflicted with what to do about a relationship.

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When you elevate your mind to something higher than where you are now, such as a creative thought or idea, you learn to illuminate a clear picture of love. Taurus, troubles come, but remember, they also go.

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Today be aware of the cause and effect in relationships and love. You can be the change agent when you see something isn't the way you want it to be. Gemini, you don't have to know where you are going. Sometimes you just need to move.