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There is very little holding you back from leveling up as both the sun and Venus, the planet of money, create a strong connection with Jupiter, the planet of abundance.

Put your strategic Scorpio skills to task and become aware of the channels and paths toward financial abundance. Support from your bosses or those you look up to can help you push forward and gain both financial abundance and notoriety. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters Leo, making it easier to communicate with intimidating figures with confidence. Near the beginning of Uranus retrograde, understand the deeper reason for your need for space in relationships.

My, have you realized things, Sagittarius! The sun and sweet Venus create a strong harmony with Jupiter, and there is little holding you back from sharing these stories with the world. The feedback you get and the things you learn in turn provide even greater insight. Spiritual and intellectual growth through travel and academia are appropriate under this cosmic weather.

Messenger Mercury moves into Leo, helping you get the details of your wanderlust down pat. The sun and sweet Venus harmonize with lucky Jupiter, strengthening your intuition to help guide you through an unknown territory with no GPS. Use this time to get over worrying about what other people have, or let go of FOMO in order to truly be present with yourself.

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As the outer planet Uranus begins its retrograde, some things might be shaken up in your sex life. Well, Jupiter retrograde is over now, and you have a more well-rounded understanding of your highest hopes! As the sun and sweet Venus create a strong harmony with Jupiter, there is very little holding you back from making meaningful connections with people in your community.

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Friendship is the foundation of a happy relationship, and the astrology of this week loves to see it! The planet of communication, Mercury, moves into Leo, helping you share your ideas with your friends Things at work are starting to smooth out, dear Pisces. Your planetary ruler, optimistic and far-sighted Jupiter, ends its retrograde, helping you move forward with your highest goals. The planet of vitality, the sun, and the planet of love and money, Venus, both create a strong harmony with Jupiter, helping your work ethic get the validation and credit it deserves.

Mercury, the planet of communication, goes back into Leo, smoothing over scheduling snafus and helping you get back on track with your routines. Weird ideas can pop into your head as the planet of rebellion, Uranus, begins its very common retrograde.

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Your creative ideas are ready to go out into the world, Aries. Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and travel, ends its retrograde. The sun and sweet Venus create a strong harmony with Jupiter, and there is nothing holding you back from spreading your love and happiness with a greater audience. Being proud and shameless about the things that make you happy can be a great source of inspiration to others. As the planet of abundance, Jupiter, ends its retrograde in your house of shared resources, other people can follow through with their payments or debts. Others in your life were rethinking the direction they were headed when it came to their money, and now that the inventory is finished, they can move forward with business as usual.

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As your planetary ruler Venus and the sun create a strong harmony with generous Jupiter, you may receive gifts at home. Jupiter retrograde ends this week, and its forward motion corresponds with you moving forward in your relationships—in the direction you want to go! Venus, the planet of love and finances, as well as the sun, the planet of vitality, make a strong harmony to Jupiter, the planet of growth.

This opens up a free-flowing connection between your personal resources and your daily obligations. Maybe you want to invest in your lifestyle in a way that enables you to maximize your schedule and efficiency. The planet of communication, Mercury, finally leaves Cancer for Leo, helping you talk about money moves with confidence.

What's in the stars for you in July?

Some of the most positive astrological aspects imaginable happen this week!

Why does it seem like life itself sometimes desires to conspire against you? Your intentions are usually good, although they can sometimes seem self-serving, and yet when you are happy then the people around you are happy too! Life itself seems joyful too! But when you are in a cranky mood then everyone wants to run away from you…even you may desire to run away from yourself. Not only does your life depend on your personal happiness…the lives of those around you depends on you being happy too!

Even if you have to fake it…until you make it…then this is what you need to do. The more that you can do this, the easier it will be to turn your life around in a more playful and joyful way! You will then begin to attract into your life what you desire in very benevolent ways! Keep in mind that Jupiter is your ruling sign!

The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise

With Jupiter in the sign of Gemini right now you can either attract more happiness OR more drama into your life. Which shall it be? What truly makes you happy? Your career situations are looking UP. When you do what you love and love what you do then you will continue to attract success and prosperity into your life! Good Karma. You can reach her at or michelle astroenlightenment. Click here to contact Michelle!

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